How does Red Canary calculate license utilization?

Red Canary counts the number of unique endpoints that send us data over over the calendar month.

NOTE: Every check-in counts against your total. Even if the duration the Sensor ID lifespan is short (minutes).

How do I know how many unique check-ins have occurred for the current month?

Visit the Administration | Account section of your portal. The number displayed here represents the total number of unique Sensor ID check-ins for the current month. 

Red Canary measures license usage over the course of the calendar month. Therefore, this number will start at zero and grow throughout the month.

What happens if I'm over my contracted number of licenses?

If you have exceeded your licensed amount during a calendar month you will receive an email indicating the excess. 

We true-up these numbers at the end of each quarter (totaling all overages during the 3-month period) and invoice. We do not charge additional fees for this usage.

If overages are planned or excessive, the preferred process is to expand to the correct amount via your Account Manager or by selecting Administration | Account from your portal and filling out the following request section:

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