View a MITRE ATT&CK matrix that integrates Red Canary threat intelligence and gives visibility into Red Canary detector coverage by technique.

  • Choose ATT&CK techniques from the Detect drop-down menu in your Red Canary portal.
  • See where Red Canary has you covered. ATT&CK techniques covered by one or more Red Canary detectors are shaded green.
  • Prioritize your resources. Icons indicate which ATT&CK techniques are most commonly used by adversaries according to the Red Canary Threat Detection Report top 20.
  • Get a collective view of your security posture. Exportable layers allow you to overlay Red Canary coverage on the official ATT&CK Navigator.
  • Select an ATT&CK technique from the matrix to learn more about it.
  • Within a technique, see the specific Red Canary detectors that identify behavior associated with the ATT&CK technique.
  • Identify weaknesses in security posture. Events and detections in your environment map to ATT&CK techniques to help you find trends or opportunities to improve.
  • Search for techniques using Command-K. Type in the technique name or numerical identifier to jump to a technique page or an event/detection associated with that technique.

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