Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is one of the best ways to improve the security of your logins. There are several situations you may find yourself in while setting up MFA:

I didn't receive an SMS MFA code

Red Canary uses a highly reliable service provider to deliver SMS codes through carriers around the world. Nearly all cases of messages not being delivered are due to a carrier blocking certain messages. Check your phone or carrier's "unknown SMS" or "spam SMS" blocking settings.

MFA code not accepted

This often happens when the time is not syncing correctly. Please set the time on the 2FA device, and the system running the browser, to "Set Automatically".

I requested an SMS MFA code but received a "Page not found" or "Code could not be sent" error

Some combinations of browsers and ad-blocking extensions can cause certain HTTP POST requests to fail. If you click "Send an SMS code to <your number>" and receive a "Page Not Found" or "Code could not be sent" error, try another browser (we primarily use and test with Chrome).

Use a new Two Factor Authentication device

Did you receive a new phone and need to access your account or are unable to login to your account? This document outlines the next steps.

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