Prior to deploying the Cb Response sensor, please ensure you have accounted for the following:

Download the Installation Package

The Standalone RPM installer can be accessed via your Red Canary portal on the Endpoints page by clicking Deploy to more endpoints

General Information

The contents of each installer package must be extracted to the same directory prior to installation. The sensorsettings.ini file must reside in the same directory as the installer executable at the time of installation, or the installation will fail.

  1. Copy the <install package name>.tar.gz sensor installation package to the Linux endpoint.

  2. Untar the <install package name>.tar.gz file to a temporary folder. Do not skip this step:
    tar -zxvf <install file name>.tar.gz  

  3. From the extracted file, run the .sh file and then follow the installation prompts. This installs the Linux sensor using the configuration provided in the sensorsettings.ini file:
    sudo ./CarbonBlackClientSetup-linux-<version>.sh

  4. After this, the sensor should be installed and running

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