We've made it much faster to find the information you need within Red Canary. Fast Nav is a portal-wide selection based search system which indexes many of the data types Red Canary displays throughout the application.

Enter the following key combinations to initiate Fast Nav.


ctrl + k


⌘ + k

What Can You Search For?

Here are some great things to try: 

  • MAC Addresses
  • IP addresses
  • Usernames
  • Endpoint Hostnames
  • Endpoint Sensor IDs
  • Detections

We plan to continue adding additional data types as we correlate more data throughout your organization. Send any suggestions our way at support@redcanary.com.

Example: Searching for Endpoints

Search for an endpoint by it's hostname or sensor ID:

Example: Searching for Detections

Example: Jumping to IP addresses

Jump to an endpoint by IP address or hostname by entering the complete IPv4 or IPv6 address:

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