Note: this process involves the usage of sensor groups with Cb Response, please see Understanding Carbon Black Response Sensor Groups for an overview of sensor groups.

Managing sensor versions via the console

To view and change sensor version upgrade settings within the Cb Response console, go to Sensors and click on the Settings gear to the right of the sensor group name that you wish to view or change. Expand the section titled Upgrade Policy. This displays the effective policies for the selected sensor group. The upgrade policy is set independently for each operating system. 

Create a new sensor group to perform testing

From the Sensors page, click Create Group. Be very careful when creating a new sensor group, as incorrect settings can result in the "loss" of sensors that are already deployed.

IMPORTANT: Copy the Server URL value from an existing group. Do not use the URL in your browser's address bar.

Configure the new group such that member endpoints receive the desired software version. This can be done by choosing:

  •  "Always upgrade to the latest version" - Use this if you want to maintain a group that always runs the latest available version. NOTE: Endpoints may receive new software without any notice. 
  • "Automatically upgrade to a specific version" - Use this to perform controlled tests of specific software versions.

For more information on creating and configuring sensor groups, please refer to the latest Carbon Black Response User Guide.

Add endpoints to the test group

Once the new group has been created and the Server URL value checked for accuracy, move any sensors that you plan to utilize for testing into this new group. Sensors will be updated to the desired software version the next time that they check in (usually within minutes). 

Perform your internal verification process at this time.

Upgrade production sensor group(s)

If no issues are encountered during testing, apply the same settings to existing sensor groups. This will upgrade all endpoints to the desired version.

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