Carbon Black provides diagnostic scripts for each supported platform. These make it easy to collect the information most commonly required for troubleshooting.

For sensor versions 6.2.1 and below

Step 1: Obtain the Diagnostic Tool

You can obtain the tool via the official Carbon Black Community, or have it sent to you by contacting your Incident Handler.

Step 2: Gather Diagnostics

  • Once you have extracted the package, execute the binary with administrative privileges
  • When prompted, press 0 to being the process.

The following could take up to 10+ minutes to finish.

Once complete, a new archive will be created in the local folder named for the time of generation:

For sensor versions 6.2.2 and above

Note: .NET 4.5 or higher needs to be installed for this tool to work.

Step 1: Open Command Prompt as Administrator

Change directory to C:\Windows\CarbonBlack

Step 2: Run the diagnostic tool

sensordiag.exe --type CDE

Collect the C:\Windows\CarbonBlack\diags\<filename>.zip

(Remote option) Collect diagnostics via Live Response session

Open a Live Response session with the endpoint and perform the following:

You'll want to put the diagnostic package in the desired remote directory

execfg CbDiag.exe --tar

Then get the resulting diagnostic package

Send the file to your Red Canary Incident Handler from the portal via Administration > Share a File.  

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