Uninstall from the Red Canary Portal

The simplest route to uninstall the Carbon Black (Cb) Response sensor is by selecting the Uninstall Sensor option as part of the Red Canary decommission process.

Uninstall Manually

In situations where the Cb Response sensor must be uninstalled from an offline host, the following methods may be used. Note that if a sensor is manually uninstalled, the endpoint must still be decommissioned from the Red Canary portal.


From the Control Panel:

  • Select Add/Remove Programs
  • Highlight the Carbon Black Sensor entry and select Uninstall/Change

Or to uninstall from the command line, run the following from an Administrative command prompt:

%windir%/CarbonBlack/uninst.exe /S 

msiexec /x path:\sensor.msi  
msiexec /x {guid}


Run the following script with root permissions:


Run the following script with root permissions:

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