Two Factor Authentication is used to prevent unauthorized access to your Red Canary portal in the event of credential compromise. After providing a valid username and password, we require a Time-base One-time Password (TOTP) code. TOTP codes
may be generated via any standards-compliant application including:

  • Google Authenticator
  • Duo Mobile
  • Microsoft Authenticator

Alternatively, we can deliver codes via text message.

This document explains how to change the device that you use to generate and/or receive TOTP codes. 

If you are able to log in 

Step 1: Log in with your previous device and access your profile

Your profile can be accessed by clicking on your email address in the top right-hand corner of the Portal while logged in

Step 2: Find the Two Factor Authentication section and configure your new device

Under the Two Factor Authentication section, you will find a link that will provide you with the code used to set up an authentication device. Scan this code with your code generating application:

If you are not able to log in

If you do not have access to the device currently used to receive TOTP codes, you can register a new device by resetting your password.

Step 1: Click Forgot? on the sign in page

Step 2: Enter your email and follow the instructions in the Password Reset email

After resetting your password, follow the steps above to change your Two Factor Authentication device as an authenticated user.

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