Download the Installation Package

The Group Policy installer can be accessed via your Carbon Black Response console. 


General Information

Extract the downloaded archive file prior to installation. The GPO_README.txt file contains instructions for creating a Group Policy Object (GPO) Software Deployment policy to deploy the sensor.

Silent Installation

No flags are required when installing via GPO. If you wish to silently install the package for testing purposes, extract the Zip archive and execute:

msiexec.exe /i cbsetup.msi /qn

Additional Information

Installation Artifacts

To meet the code signing requirement for Software Deployment policies, the installer utilizes both an "outer" and "inner" installer, where the outer installer is digitally signed. As a result, two items will be present in Add/Remove Programs.

Reboot Required

Software Deployment policy requires that the system restart if certain types of actions take place. While the Response sensor does not require a system restart at the time of installation, the Software Deployment policy will require a reboot before installation completes. 

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