Download the Installation Package

The Standalone Executable installer can be accessed via your Red Canary portal on the Endpoints page and clicking Deploy to more endpoints.

Please note, downloading the sensor from your Red Canary portal will pull a version of the Sensor installer from your Default Group. If you desire a different Sensor version, you will need to refer to your EDR platform portal.

General Information

The contents of each installer package must be extracted to the same directory prior to installation. The sensorsettings.ini file must reside in the same directory as the installer executable at the time of installation, or the installation will fail.

Silent Installation

To silently install the Standalone Executable sensor, extract the Zip archive and from the extracted contents execute:

CarbonBlackClientSetup.exe /S
  • Please note that the /S ¬†must be capitalized, otherwise the client will fail to install silently.¬†
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